• L4300

    A world of entertainment meets Profesional Theatre Quality

    Pro Theatre L4300 expands your viewing pleasure by combining impeccable image quality and vast screen dimensions with Androidâ„¢ app versatility. Experience a world of ever-expanding entertainment possibilities that includes not only favorite movies, but also online games and web videos on the broad gorgeous screen.

  • L4300


    Large screen enjoyment with Android apps

    Discover the joy of watching online movies and music videos, playing online games and more on a huge screen of professional quality by taking advantage of thousands of apps available for download.

  • L4300

    Audio Source Filtering

    Enhance the sense of being there when watching a football match, simply increase the background sound to enhance the sense of being there in the stadium. Or when watching a movie, increase the dialog volume to transform your living room into a theatre.

  • L4300

    Screen Mirroring

    Share mobile content on large screen wirelessly.
    New wireless streaming technology by Wi-Fi allowing you to mirror your mobile content onto your TV. So you can share and enjoy music, videos and games on the big screen.

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